WDS-580 BGA Rework Station

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ماكينة wds-580

WDS-580 BGA Rework Station 4,7kW LCD 7 “ is a professional and modern solution for disassembly and assembly of BGA, uBGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA systems for consumer electronics, The device was designed for repairing computer motherboards, graphics cards, notebooks, consoles, mobile phones, modules and car drivers made in lead-acid and lead-free soldering technology, especially recommended for working with large PCBs. and an efficient cooling system ensures efficient operation and reduces the time of high temperature impact on the board to a minimum.

Distinguishing features of the WDS-580 station are: 
– a large total heating power of 4700W,
– large area provided for the 405x360mm PCB,
– large area of the lower 380x300mm IR heater,
– 3 heating zones, top IR + 2 x HOTAIR,
– possibility of switching off the left and right sections of the lower IR heater,
– up / down adjustment of the hotair heater,
– 7 “touch control panel with microprocessor control,
– reinforced upper handle of the hotair heater,
– transverse fan automatically cooling the PCB after the soldering process,
– magnetic quick-change hotair nozzles,
– two adjustable transverse brackets for PCBs,
– 10 support points for PCBs,
– external USB port for programming the station controller.

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