باور صبلاي لصيانه اللاب توب

KORAD KA3005D High Precision The Lab programmable Adjustable Digital Regulated power supply DC Power Supply30V/5A mA 4Ps

هذا الباور صبلاي يتميز ببعض الخواص التي يحتاجها البعض وهي

1- زرار لمس وليس بكر

2- يمكنك تخزين 5 جهود بالامبير الخاص بهم مختلفين بمعني اوضح لو انت تحتاج 19 فولت 5 امبير ثم 5 فولت 2 امبير يمكنك تخذين ال19 في M1 ثم ال5 فولت 2 امبير في M2 والخ حتي 5 اماكن للتخزين

3- اوفر فولت بروتكشن .. وهو الحمايه من الجودالعالي لاي سبب

This is packed with features and at a cost that can\\\’t be beat!! It has an easy to read 4 digit LED is used to display the voltage and current values and 4 programmable storage setting. This is a heavy duty single-channel, constant-voltage and constant-current Linear power supply with low ripple and noise, high reliability and high accuracy. The voltage and current are continuously adjustable. It is designed for use in labs, colleges and in production. Features: Compact DesignDual 4 Digit LED DisplaysDigital ControlsOutput switch control4 sets of parameters can be stored inside for fast recallKeyboard Lock to prevent accidental changing of set parametersCircuit protection for over load, short circuit and over temperature.Automatic switching between mA and A displayQuiet variable speed fan Operating Conditions: Input voltage:220V +/-10%Frequency range: 50- 60HzOperating temperature: 32-104 F (0-40 ºC)Operating humidity: < 80%RHStorage temperature: 32-158 F (0-70 ºC)Storage humidity: < 70%RH  Stable Voltage: Output Voltage Range: 0-30V Continuously adjustableSetup Resolution: 10 mVSetup Accuracy: <0.05% +20 mVRipple: < 1mVRMSRead back Accuracy: 10 mVTemp. Coefficient: < 0.1% + 10mVRead back Temp. Coefficient: < 100 ppm+10 mV  Stable Current: Output Current Range: 0-5A Continuously adjustableSetup Resolution: 1 mASetup Accuracy: <0.1% +3 mARipple: < 3mARMSRead back Accuracy: 1 mATemp. Coefficient: < 0.1% + 5mARead back Temp. Coefficient: < 100 ppm+5 mA