MRT Ultra

هذا الكارت يقوم باصلاح الهاردديسك واسترجاع البيانات من اقوي الاداء التي تعمل في اصلاح واسترجاع البيانات من الهارد التالف وهذه البطاقه 4 مخرج لها القدره علي اصلاح 4 هاردديسك معا نفس الوقت وهو متميز بالسرعه الجباره اثناء العمل

MRT Lab held Ultra series new product release meeting on Nov. 21th. MRT Ultra series SATA 3.0 5-interface card is officially released.


MRT Ultra is a new design of MRT Lab launched in 2015 with brand new framework. It is the world’s first PCIE2.0 interface data recovery tool. MRT Ultra is dedicated for high quality, high speed and perfect user experience, which can be classified as high-end configuration among MRT tools. Recently MRT Ultra is released to market, software running platform supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating system. Featured by more ports, more advanced technology, less resource occupancy rate of CPU and hardware design of SATA3.0, there are two main power input, 4 power supply output interfaces, 4 SATA3.0 interfaces and 1 IDE interface. At the same time, there is great enhancement in performance of MRT Ultra. Test firmware transmission speed is raised from 2MByte/s to 33MByte/s. Test DE imaging speed raised to 460MByte/s. Theoretical transmission speed is as high as 600MByte/s. This tool is a good choice for user with mass business volume, professional data recovery company and disk repair institution. There are online full version, offline full version, online repair version and offline repair version software. 

Highlighted Features

  • PCI-Express 2.0 Interface with four native SATA 3.0 ports and one IDE port
  • Support of all IDE (CE, CF, ZIF), SATA (MICRO SATA) interface HDDs
  • Support 1.8 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3.5 HDDs with a capacity of up to 5TB
  • One-click automatic HDD diagnostic repair module
  • Efficient USB terminal that can work with Seagate F3 serial HDDs
  • Support Flash ROM programming unit
  • Support the recovery of corrupted firmware in HDDs
  • Support the ability to unlock and reset hard drive password (i.e. decrypt the hard drive)
  • Support data recovery and HDDs repair due to failed read/write heads
  • Support virtual head map technology
  • Support the repair of HDDs with physically-damaged sectors
  • Support disk imaging, imaging by selective head, file recovery
  • Support Head map editing in RAM for data recovery
  • Review defect tables (P-list, G-list, T-list, etc.)
  • Load service information access program – LDR
  • Hide found defects of magnetic surface
  • Provide direct read and write to Seagate SA track
  • Forward and reverse scan and directly recover data from bad sectors
  • Provide MFT Scan to recover accidentally deleted files

Data Transfer Rates

  • Compliant with SATA 3.0 standard with speed up to 600MB/s for SATA ports
  • Compliant with the UDMA133 standard with speed up to 133MB/s for IDE port

Supported Operating System

Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 2003 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit

Software Upgrades

MRT Lab regularly updates its software to fix possible bugs, add functionality, reflect changes in standards and respond to new HDD firmware issues. We are committed to provide first-class user experience with our data recovery tools.