wds-700 BGA Rework Station

اليكم مجموعه فديوهات لطريقه الاستخدام

News Automatic BGA Rework Station infrared and hot air Mobile BGA Welding Machine with optical alignment for chips repair


Our BGA Rework Station/ BGA reballing station are widely used to replace and repair the BGA chip in laptop, mobile phone, xbox360,ps3,etc.

The main user is repairing shops and factory to provide the after-sales service and rework.

How to separate BGA chip from motherboard
How to replace a new BGA chip

Repair steps
1)      Separate the BGA chip from mother board -we called desoldering
2)      Clean Pad
3)      Reballing  or replace a new BGA chip directly
4)      Alignment/Positioning -Depend on experience ,silk frame ,optical camera
5)      replace a new BGA chip – we called Soldering

Total powerMax 2500W
Heater powerUpper temp.zone 1200W,Down temp.zone 1200W
Electrical materialDriving motor+ smart temp.controller+color touch screen
Temperature controlling(high precision K-sensor)(Closed Loop),independent temp.controller,the precision can reach ±1
Locating wayV shape slot,PCB support jigs can adjust
PCB sizeMax 140×160mm Min 5×5 mm
Applicable chipsMax 80×80mm Min 1*1 mm
Overall dimensionL450*W470*H670mm
Temperature Interface1 pcs
Weight of machine40KG
ColorBlue+White Mini BGA rework station