Semi automatic bga rework station WDS-620 with auto optical mounting system bga machine

Semi automatic bga rework station WDS-600 with auto optical mounting system bga machine

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Business field

  •  Laptop and mother boards rework and repair.
  • Game consoles applications rework and repair.
  •  Small and medium size electronics assembly factories.
  • Military sophisticated applications rework and repair.
  • Medical equipment applications rework and repair.
  • Automotive applications rework and repair.
  • Light systems and LED applications.
  • Home appliance and personal Gadgets applications rework and repair.
  • Networking and communication applications rework, repair and assembly.
  • Power supply and control PCB applications rework, repair and assembly Technology parameter of WDS-600 Semi automatic bga rework station1Power supplyAC 110V/220V±10% 50/60Hz2Total powerMax 5300W Semi automatic bga rework station3Heater powerUpper temp.zone 1200W,second temp.zone 1200W,IR temp.zone 2700W4Electrical materialDriving motor+ smart temp.controller+color touch screen5Temperature controlling(high precision K-sensor)(Closed Loop),independent temp.controller,the precision can reach ±16Locating wayV shape slot,PCB support jigs can adjust,laser light do fast centering and position7PCB sizeMax 400×390mm Min 10×10 mm8Applicable chipsMax 80×80mm Min 1×1 mm9Overall dimensionL650×W630×H850mm10Temperature Interface1 pcs11Weight of machine60KG12ColorGolden Semi automatic bga rework station